The telescope symbolizes the search, the look to the future using the lens of knowledge to achieve astronomical success. The earth simply means the present, taking the action today!

Our resourceful staffs are happy to assist you in finding, interviewing and shortlisting suitable home tutors for your child.

We take great care in verifying applicants' qualifications to keep our tutor database’s quality in check. Feedbacks from other Parents are regularly collated so we will know who we should recommend to our clients like you. We also constantly seek the most qualified tutors to join our team. Upon request, we would make arrangements for parents to speak with their preferred tutors to know more before making a decision. We can also arrange for first trial lesson.

Our service is totally FREE for students (a small amount of commission fee will be charged on assigned tutor). Students need only to pay for the tutor’s wages.

We have numerous qualified tutors to conduct tuition sessions on the following subjects:

  1. Primary 1 to 6, Secondary 1 to 5 , JC levels subjects and intensive preparation for PSLE, O level and A level exams
  2. Artistic: Guitar, Violin, Piano, Drumset, Chinese Orchestra and Visual Arts
  3. Special Needs and Shadow Teaching
  4. Second or third languages for children
  5. Adult conversational languages: Spanish, French, English and Mandarin
  6. Swimming, Martial Arts and Badminton

Lessons (except for shadow teaching, sports and drumset) are typically one-on-one, but we do have pair/ small group tuition ( 2 to 3 students) organized by experienced teachers and tutors. It is usually more affordable and lessons can also be more fun. We can make arrangements if you wish to have small group tuition. Interested in any of the lessons? Call us at 66337368 to request for a tutor.

Our tutors comprise promising A level graduates, trained MOE teacher or Ex-teachers, public university’s undergraduates, dedicated full time tutors and experienced part-time tutors.

All tutors whom we match have had their qualifications verified manually by us.