Who are the tutors?

Our tutors are experienced and passionate educators or teachers, qualified and experienced lecturers, mature and experienced university graduates, dynamic undergraduates and dedicated full time tutors.

We are serious about the quality of the tutors we have. All tutors’ identities and qualifications were verified by our staff before they were recommended to tutees.

Which type of tutor should I opt for my kid?

The type of tutor you should opt for your kid depends a lot on your child’s learning needs/style and your budget.

We are happy to discuss your concerns with you so that we can recommend tutor best suited for your child’s learning needs. You could reach us at 66337368 for a discussion of your tuition need. We are very flexible, customizable and resourceful.

With our extensive experiences and contacts in this field, we believe we will be able to assist you in engaging a tutor who can unleash the infinite potential in your child!


How do I request for a tutor?

You can send in your request through any of the methods below:

  1. Submit your request using our online Request Form.
  2. Call Tutors Today up directly at 66337368.
  3. Send a short message to 84647321.
  4. Write us an email to team@tutorstoday.com.sg

We will contact you within 2 working days to confirm your tuition request and discuss your child’s needs. We will spend the next few days shortlisting a few suitable tutors from our database for your consideration. You can let us know if you have any concern or questions about the tutors. We will be glad to help you with no fees incurred.

You may also request to do a phone interview with your preferred tutor.

Tuition can commence within one week after you have decided on a tutor.

Am I able to view the tutor’s certificates before the first lesson?

Yes, you can request for the hardcopies of certificates of your assigned tutor to be presented to you on the first lesson.

You may also request for scanned copies of the tutor’s certificates to be sent to you (subject to tutor’s consent).

Can I interview the tutor first before I commit?

Yes, we can arrange for you to interview your preferred tutors via the telephone.

Are the tutor profile pages accurate?

Tremendous efforts have been put into verifying the profile of every tutor. Therefore, we are confident that the accuracy of the profile pages you see are kept at a maximal level. Do give us a call if you have any further queries.

Can I see more tutor profiles?

Yes, please feel free to tell us if you need to see more tutor profiles. By providing us with more detailed requirements, we will also be able to recommend more suitable tutors for your consideration.


How much is the tuition fee?

As a guide, current market rate of private home tuition in Singapore is shown below. Kindly note that tuition fee varies with tutor’s teaching experience and qualification. Contact us TODAY at 66337368 to discuss your tuition needs. We can help you shortlist tutors who meet your budget for you.

TYPE OF TUTOR Lower Primary Upper Primary Lower Secondary Upper Secondary JC
Student (JC/Poly) Tutor 13++ 16++ 20++ 22++ -
Undergraduate 18++ 25++ 30++ 32++ 35++
Graduate Tutor 23++ 28++ 32++ 35++ 40++
Full Time Tutor 25++ 30++ 35++ 40++ 50++
School Teacher 40++ 45++ 50++ 55++ 70++

Rates are in Singapore Dollars (SGD)

The tuition rate is out of my budget. What can I do?

You may opt to go to the tutor’s place for tuition or opt for small group tuition (2-3 persons). Alternatively, depending on your needs, you may consider other tutors who offer a lower tuition rate. We will try our best to accommodate your needs.

How much agency fee do I need to pay?

Our matching service is FREE for students/ parents requesting for tutors. As agreed with our tutors, we will collect 50% of first month’s tuition fee from them as a commission charge. This amount shall be deducted from the tutor’s salary but will be paid by you to Tutors Today directly. After 2 weeks of tuition commencement, you will receive an invoice from us containing payment details.

Do I pay the monthly tuition fee to you or the tutor?

All subsequent monthly tuition fees shall be paid directly to the assigned tutor.

How can I pay?

Payment to Tutors Today can be made by any of the modes below:

  1. Cheque payment
  2. ATM transfer
  3. Payment by Internet Banking

We will send an invoice to you 2 weeks after tuition begins. The invoice will contain the detailed instruction of payment. An official receipt will be sent to you when we receive your payment.

Kindly note that tutors are not authorized to collect the commission fees on behalf of Tutors Today.


Can I request for a trial tuition session?

We understand it is vital that your child is studying under a right tutor so that your child will be more receptive to the teaching. . Yes, trial lesson(s) will be provided upon request and we have some tutors who even offer FREE trial class whereby they don’t charge a fee if you are not satisfied with their first lesson. Do call us and check with us about our trial lesson(s).

If I find the tutor not suitable after several lessons, can I change?

Yes, you are encouraged to observe the first few tuition sessions. Feel free to feedback to us if you find that the tutor is not suitable. You can request for a change to another tutor who may suit your child better. There will not be any extra charges for the change and you just need to pay for the tuition session(s) that have been conducted.


Will the tutors have teaching materials? Do I need to prepare the assessment books for the tutor?

Experienced tutors usually have their own teaching materials. But if students have their own assessment books, feel free to let the teacher know so that they can make the appropriate arrangements.

If my child is unwell or have school activities on the tuition day, do I have to pay for the missed session?

One of the advantages of having a private tutor is its flexibility. There is no need to pay for the missed session as tuition fee is calculated based on number of lessons attended.

When your child cannot attend a lesson, please inform the tutor in advance. You can reschedule a replacement class in that week or lesson can be postponed to the following week and you will not be charged for lessons that are not attended.